Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Picture Perfect

Let's be honest. Me and you. When we go out, it's a date. And if what goes on with us is not what normally happens on a date then it should be. Admit it.

Now, close your eyes for a moment.

Picture it. We meet up.

You, exuding sexiness with the high heels, the jeans that fit so well – sitting right where they should on your hips, giving your lower back tat just enough room to taunt and tease, the summer blouse with the soft shoulders on display and your smooth upper back out, stylish bag on your arm – catching looks and compliments, your lips are glistening with a color that accents your skin tone – making any man wonder if they're as soft as they look, and your hair is out – flowing with ever step.

Me, I'm in my man mode. I'm casual, but still on that every day sexy. I have to be. I can't half-ass when it comes to us and our time together. I got on the fitting tee – chest is popping out through the logo, jeans – perfect length coupled with the perfect fit, sneakers – clean and match the tee perfectly, I'm shaved and shaped up and finish it all off with the smell good cologne.

Damn, we look good together. We flow well together too. Nothing is awkward here. I'm the thoughtful gentleman. I always walk street side. I scan ahead of your stride to make sure your path is without danger. I hold your hand when you step down steep curbs and steps. I'm always within your reach should you need me. That's me on the regular. That's us, all the time.

We find a cute little Indian spot and have dinner. We talk sht, laugh and joke with one another. Good times, Good times. Afterwards, we get some shakes for dessert. We play with each other while on line. Playful. We look like a couple. We act like a couple. In the span of two hours, we set things up for the perfect foreplay…the natural next step. Bodies intertwined and pressed against one another. Sucking, biting, licking and loving. You feel it too.

But wait. Open your eyes. We're just friends.

Even though the taboo ideas have travelled from your slumbered thoughts to your day's dreams…it won't go further than that. The curiosity peaks there and so the question will never be answered. Seriously, what we have…when we go out…I want you to have that with someone else…I want you to have that sexy night and top it off with that sexy sex. Hell, I want myself to have it too. Let's just make a deal that whoever has it first, promises to confirm that it really is like nothing else.