Monday, September 14, 2009

What's with the questions?



“I’m saying. You’re just gonna sit there and act like – Oh okay. Fine.”

“What?” she reiterates, trying her best to keep a straight face.

“Nothing. Do you know what you’re gonna order? I’m hungry.”

“Girl, don’t be like that! I was just messing with you! Sheesh.”

“Hmm, what? I really am hungry. What are you talkin’ about?” she states matter-of-factly never looking up from the lunch menu.

Laughing, “See. Can’t nobody joke with you when you wanna know something!”

She sucks her teeth. “Whatever.”



She gasps, “You name calling now??”

“You started it.”

“Yeah, but I was telling the truth,” she retorts.

She gives out a boisterous laugh, covering her mouth to muffle it. She looks around the restaurant at the other diners and whispers, “How ‘bout you tell me something else?”

“Something like what? Oh what – you wanna know about last night or somethin'? Girl, you know I am not the one to kiss and tell.”

“Bullshit. Do NOT make me create a scene up in here. This is your favorite spot, not mine. I’ll do it. I will get you banned. They’ll have your picture taped in the reservation book and everything,” she playfully threatens.

“Ew, you so evil! Fine. We had fun last night. Happy?” she says rolling her eyes.

“Now we’re getting somewhere. But you always have fun with him. Something’s different this time. We’re at your favorite eatery. You’ve had this goofy look on your face since you sat down.” She raises an eyebrow, pauses for a moment before raising the other and exclaiming, “You GAVE HIM SOME, didn’t you??”

“Girl, keep your voice down or you will get me banned!”

“Oops. Sorry,” she says, not at all appearing apologetic.

“Whatever. Since you must know, yes…we took it to the next level.”

“And?” she asks impatiently.

“And what?”

“How was it?”

She closes her eyes as if revisiting the most intimate moment of that encounter. Her head barely turns left and slightly down as she briefly bites the inside of her bottom lip. But just as fast as she closed them, she opens them. She stopped herself short of a full shudder so the entire gesture lasts a short second.

“It was nice,” she says with her best poker face to date.

“Oh shit. He made you…,” her whisper trails off.

“Yes,” she emphatically replies. “More than once,” she adds, gleaming, beaming and glowing all at once.

Insert comfortable silence.

The waiter walks up, pen and pad in hand. “Are you ladies ready to order?”


Is it fair to say that over the span of several years, that spine-tingling, sweat-producing, heart-pounding incredible sex between the same two consenting adults will eventually diminish to good sex or worse, the equivalent of going through the motions with occasional glimmers of what once was? And if so, is it an irrational notion to just walk away (i.e. cold turkey) before the “legacy is tarnished” (a.k.a. not like it used to be)?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I type. Sometimes I miss the keys.
I write. Sometimes I miss the Keys.
My life. Sometimes I'm Mister Keys.

-- Sent from my Palm Pre