Thursday, August 21, 2008

Arrogance [Darkside Series]

Damn, dude. You walked right past me with a look on your face. I said what's up to you and you said it back but there was something else there. That gut feeling is a motherfcuker, ain't it? I know, I know. It's like you feel something but there's no telling what it is. Lucky for you, I'm here to clear that up.


Now understand something. This isn't a rap music bravado type thing or one of those generic R&B themes where the dude brags about how he's sleeping with another dude's woman. I mean, the characters are the same but the scenario is different. See, you're woman…yes, I slept with her. But wait now. Hold on a second. Don't get all red in the face with your fists clenched. You two weren't together at the time.


You don't believe me, do you? Fine.


I made her acquaintance the week after you two took the trip to Splitsville. I had small talk with her twice that week before we ended up exchanging phone numbers. The following week, she went out of town to see her best friend.
Now do you believe me? Good, because I didn't want to get into how we talked every evening and text messaged each other during the day. Nor do I want to get into how it all started off innocent and at some point turned flirtatious…with the provocative pictures and all…telling me what she wanted me to do to her and things of that nature. Nah, that's not something you want to hear. Not to mention the fact that I know all about you and how you treated her. I know about how you managed to stress her out even when she was away and you two were no longer a couple. I know about your anger issues. I know about the constant disrespect. It's no wonder she came to my place just days after getting back to town. It's no wonder she wanted to see my bedroom as soon as she walked in. Can you blame her? Don't answer that. Because if you did attempt to justify your actions and fault hers then and only then would I be forced to get really arrogant with you.


What's really arrogant?


Me telling you that the way she told it, you ain't no lightweight when it comes to the package. The way she tells it now though, I beat you in the long run. That's really arrogant. Me telling you that she told me that she's never climaxed before…ever. Well, until she was with me. That's really arrogant. Me telling you what it felt like for her…the feeling that came over her entire body when I touched her spot. That's arrogant too. Me telling you the sounds she made and what she looked like at that exact moment from the eyes rolling back with the mouth open and the toes curled and the hands grabbing sheets and scratching walls. Well see, that's just ignorant. And I don't want to get ignorant with you. Yeah, one might say you had all this coming. Another might say that this right here most definitely knocks you off your high horse and while you, most assuredly, will get back on...the ride won't be the same.


So here we are crossing paths for the first and if she can control it, the last. You two are back together now. Good for you. I'm a little confused as to how you did it because she's called me a few times upset and crying about the usual drama. But hey, it is what it is. Just know, that thing with the pillow…you know…when she folds it and puts…anyway…if she hasn't mentioned it, don't ask questions…just go with the flow. Trust me. And if she has mentioned it and you are doing that thing…


You're welcome. I taught her that.