Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Peek

Way before I was hitching a ride through the world wide web - hell, before I even had a real computer to call my own, I had blank book that a friend gifted me. She worked in the card and gift shop next-door to the music store where I held a sweet part time gig.

Back then, I hadn't a clue that I would develop a "knack" for the wordings. All I had were instances where I found myself being "creative". The moments (a.k.a. breaks between distractions) were rare. Even rarer still, were the times I actually wrote in this book. Well...tonight, I stumbled upon said book and decided to share an entry (a.k.a. me, thinking I'm saying something)...


excuse me.


can I talk to you for a second?
i just want to ask you something...

are you her?


cuz i'm him. and you know...

out in public
we can be them
and in private


Southerngirrl said...

Awww ... Love it .. LOVE IT !!

You earned some cool points with this piece ..

Enjoyed it .. (wink)



Mr Keys said...

Heyyyy stranger...what's up?!

Southerngirrl said...

Hey there my forever hip-hop buddy ... Good to hear from you.

I'm doing well ... how have things been in your world ..?


Mr Keys said...

Not bad. Can't complain too much. I realized after about 10 minutes of clicking that I had no way of contacting you (other than Twitter) so I just replied to this blog. Lol.

Southerngirrl said...

Yep ... you're right .. other than twitter we have no other way of keeping in touch.
Here's my email address just for future connections ..

Hip-hop buddies should have a way of keeping in contact .. LOL


Southerngirrl said...

Hey there hip-hop buddy. Just reaching out to spread some SouthernLove your way .. and wishing you a joyful holiday season.

Any plans for the holidays ..? Are you still living in NYC ..?

... message back soon.